Spring Fever


Last time I said I was wishing for spring.

Well, today there’s a hint of spring in the air.  That fresh, hang-your-laundry-on-the-line, bird-chirpy, I’ve-got-to-go-walking, kind of a day.   And we.are.loving.it!

Just wanted to say that Brooklyn has been sick-free for over a week, and we got to go to church as a family for two weeks in a row!!  So wonderful…I can’t describe how thankful and happy that makes me!

Blessed beyond words,



Ready for spring


I don’t know if anyone is still following this little blog, but I thought I would do a quick update.  The last couple of weeks have been up and down again as we fought against sinus infection, stomach flu, and fevers for no apparent reason.  I have lost count of how many antibiotics Brooklyn has been on this winter, along with an ever-growing collection of natural remedies.

It seems that every time I think she’s out of the woods, doing so much better, she gets hit again.  This time there are no other symptoms besides fever, moderate during the day to fairly high at night.  Last night I gave her two baths in the middle of the night, the only thing that seems to really help her.

She has been happy, grinning and even giggling for me the last couple of days, except when the fever gets too high, and you can tell she’s very uncomfortable.

I’m just so grateful to be fighting this at home rather than in the hospital.

Courtney is still doing well, she had the stomach flu as well, but that’s over and done.

Erv is gone this week, and we all can’t wait to have him home again on Saturday, along with Uncle Max!

Thanks so much for your prayers!!


Still grinning


I thought I should write a quickie update on the little princess.  We’ve been home for a week now and being home is won.der.ful!  The beginning of last week Brooklyn still seemed so pale and weak and I was concerned about her.   She seems much better now.  She still is struggling with tummy aches, but has a lot of happy moments too.

I do have to tell you about an amazing answer to prayer.  Wednesday morning, very early (like 2:30 am) she was restless in her bed and I went to pick her up.  I thought she seemed a little warm and took her temp.  It was 99.3.  Not a fever, but for her, in the middle of the night, was plenty warm.  I was determined not to panic, but I went downstairs and just begged God not to let her get sick again.  By morning, when she woke up, she seemed a little warmer, so I took her temp, and it was 100.8.  I panicked.  I couldn’t deny the fact that she had a temp, and she had this raspy, pneumonia sound when she breathed.  My heart just sank.  I just didn’t want to face her being sick again, when she was still so weak.  Before Erv and Max left for work,  we gathered around her and Erv prayed, asking God to heal her.

The guys left for work, and I took her temp again.  98.8.  whew.  2 degrees lower and within normal range. I noticed the rattle in her chest was gone, too.  I felt like I was holding my breath all morning.  Around noon Marilyn came and watched Brooklyn while Courtney and I went to Bible Study. (She had called and offered the evening before.  I’m telling you, my friends are amazing.)  I came home, and she was still doing well.  She had a good night with no fevers that night.  And the next.  And the next.

There is no explanation, except to say I believe with my whole heart that she was touched by the Great Physician,  and healed.  Thank you, Jesus.  We are undeserving, but with humble hearts we bow in gratefulness overflowing.

We are still doing are best to keep her at home and out of public places.  On Friday she had a checkup with Dr. McCormick, and passed with flying colors.  She is still on antibiotic for another week.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Dr. McCormick called one day to let me know the team at Denver Children’s did discover what the virus was–RSV.

I can’t say how thankful I am to be enjoying my two little sweeties at home–we are incredibly blessed.

And just for fun, a few pictures from our time in the hospital:



















And I have to add one of my little school girl. She was so proud of her finger painting!

The “H” word


It’s true. We’re heading home.

We may live in a simple, tiny, cluttered log cabin of a house.  But right now it feels like I’m going home to our castle, our sanctuary, our resort.  It’s my favorite spot in the world, and we’re heading that way very soon.

Brooklyn has continued to stay fever-free, and her tummy seems to feel better this morning.

When we came here on Friday, and last week in Canon City, we didn’t know how all of this would turn out.

I have 3 words to say:

Thank You, Jesus.

And thank you–all of you prayer warriors–for going to the Father on our behalf. I believe with all my heart that your prayers made the difference.

I am grateful.

One happy mama

Smiles and Giggles


Hey friends~

I wanted to write and thank you for all the prayers you’ve sent up for me.  Jesus has been taking good care of me, and I am so happy to feel better again!

Mommy and Daddy took the oxygen tabs off my cheeks after I got off the oxygen, and it feels great!  Now I can’t wait to take this yucky IV out of my hand.  

I took a few long naps today, I’m trying to make up for some of the trauma of the last week.  I’m having some tummy aches, so you can pray that Jesus would heal my tummy too! 

I had a very special visit from my friend Cami today.  She made me a beautiful little purple scarf and made me smile when she did “round and round the haystack” on my arm.  She read me a story too.

“Uncle” Gene and “Aunt” Tina came tonight and brought us pizza and custard pie.  Uncle Max came up with them, and he’s staying at the Ronald McDonald House tonight.  Daddy is about ready to take him on a tour of the hospital.  I wanted to go along but Daddy won’t let me out of the room.  He’s afraid of those nasty little things called germs.  I hear there’s a lot of them out there. 

The Dr. came in today and said something that made Mommy and Daddy very happy.  She said I need to keep not having fevers, and be able to tolerate my feeds, then she used the “H” word.  “Maybe tomorrow,” she said, “If everything keeps going well.” 

So, please keep praying for me, cuz we all can’t wait to get back HOME, together as a family.  I miss my sister Courtney.  Mommy says she’s being a real trooper, except when Mommy or Daddy calls and talks to her, then she cries.  I think she’s ready, too.

I’m smiling more and more and giggling too.  I feel so much better, and when I think of you, my friends, it makes me laugh out loud.   

Good night,

Brooklyn Rayne



9:50 am

Well, folks, we have ANSWERS.

Answers to prayer, that is.

Thank you so much for praying!  God, in His great mercy, gave Brooklyn a fever free evening and night, and her temps did not drop too low!   Thank you, Lord.

Another shout of praise–the nurse weaned Brooklyn off her oxygen through the night, and she is officially off of it today.  We had tried in Canon, without success.  Thank you, Lord.

Her tummy still seems tight and can make her fussy, but for the most part, she is happy and alert.  Thank you, Lord.

The doctors here have decided to switch her antibiotic to Augmentin, since they are blaming the sickness of sinusitus. (infection of the sinuses)

The staff here is wonderful, you just don’t get better health care than this. We are grateful.

Yep, this mama is feeling smiley this morning.

The Cross of Christ


9:45 pm

I just took a quick walk to the end of the hall to see the impressive Denver lights.  I stood for a minute and enjoyed the beauty, and my gaze caught sight of it, lit on a mountain to the west:

A Cross.  Glowing against the black night sky. 

It reminded me of a message Erv and I listened to a few nights ago by Louie Giglio about HOPE, and how, when trouble comes in big waves, we come back to the cross, and we find HOPE

Thank you Jesus, for the cross…for the suffering and pain and heartache you endured, giving hope and grace and life. 

We had a good evening.  Brooklyn seems to have two modes–agitated and grumpy, or giggling and silly.  Her tummy seems to be tight.

At this point, not much has changed for her treatment plan.  She’s getting the same antibiotic as in Canon.

The really good news is that she has gone 24 hours with NO FEVER!  Hallelujah!   Please pray that she keeps it up.  

Another big concern is her temperature dropping too low during the night.  Yes, it had been high during the day and low at night.  Weird. 

So, if you’re still up tonight, you can pray that her temps would not drop through the night.  Low temps can be worse than high. 

Our wonderful friends, Neil and Cheryl & Company, came to see us tonight.  In fact, they got a motel nearby, so they can spend the weekend (or parts of it) with us.  The children aren’t allowed in the room, so we adults took turns in the room with Brooklyn.  Thank you for blessing us, Neil and Cheryl–you have no idea how much this means!

Good night, and may the cross of Christ be our focus day by day.